Work of LPNO and colleagues on cover page of Photonics Journal
Hybrid integrated diode laser are introducing a new paradigm to photonics, via providing unprecedented coherence, full spectral control, and seamless embedding in high-functionality photonic circuits. Most promising is hybrid integration with ultra-low loss dielectric feedback circuits as these render the widest spectral coverage including the visible range. We present work on various types and operational modes of hybrid-integrated diode lasers based on low-loss dielectric feedback circuits using silicon nitride waveguides. Highlights are the demonstration of sub-100-Hz intrinsic linewidth, up to 120 nm wide spectral coverage around a 1.55 ┬Ám wavelength, and more than 100 mW output power. Functionalities include dual-wavelength generation, dual-gain operation, laser frequency comb generation, and wavelength tunable feedback circuits for hybrid lasers in the visible. Full article is available at Photonics, 7, 4 (2020)